Resistance Weld Controller:

Model No:RWC-18

  • Application: Used for Spot and Projection Welding.
  • LCD display to set and read the parameters.(Set Weld cycle(0-99C), Heat Value(0-99%), Selected Job number(1 to 10) and Weld count(0-9999) are displayed.Also Weld/No weld mode and Single/Repeat mode is displayed.
  • As a built in Thyristor driver and Power supply unit with input supply of   415VAC(2 Phase).
  • Potential free contact output for solenoid valve output and Error Indication.
  • Password protection.
  • Weld count display upto 9999 counts with settable weld count and weld count reset option.
  • Can store upto 10 different weld parameter settings.
  • Three weld configuration available.(Pre weld,Weld and Post weld).
  • Interlock with water inlet,Air pressure input and Temperature output option available.
  • Suitable for both new machine and for retrofitting with less wiring connections.
  • user friendly operable with seven membrane switches at the front screen.
  • Mounting : Easy Vertical mounting to the machine frame or the control panel with M5 bolts

Programmable Timer Controller

Model No:Timer-16

  • Application:Water processing ,Refinery,Heat treatment etc.
  • 230VAC operated Programmable timer controller with LCD display.
  • 3 different Sequence Timers  with select able time by minimum  1second to maximum 10 Hours.(Can vary as per Customer requirement).
  • Four Potential free relay outputs which are programmable.
  • Built in timer with select able options for HH/MM/Sec.
  • Both Auto/Manual mode of operation.
  • Din Rail Mounting.Size:100mm(L)x110mm(W)x60mm(H)



Industrial Custom Built Products

We manufacture customer specific electronic control products for garments and process control industries.

  • Timers
  • Water and Liquid Level Controller
  • Pump/Drain Controllers
  • 3 level Analog output.
  • 230VAC Operated potential free 3 relays programmable


  • Timers
  • Water and Liquid Level Controller
  • Pump/Drain Controllers
  • 5 level Analog output.
  • 230VAC Operated potential free 3 relays programmable



  • Custom built programmable unit.
  • 6 Analog inputs and 2 Digital inputs ,10 Functional keys.
  • 8 Relay outputs.
  • One temperature sensor interface.
  • 230VAC input Operating voltage.


  • Custom built programmable unit.
  • 5 Analog inputs ,3 Functional keys.
  • 5 Relay outputs.
  • 230VAC input Operating voltage.

 IR Controller

  • Applications: Hand Dryers,Object sensing,Counters etc.
  • Input 230VAC.
  • Controlled Relay output 2300Watts,230VAC.
  • Adjustable timer with IR sensor.
  • Mounting type: As per Customer requirement.















Water Level Controller

Model No:WLC-15

  • Application:Chemical/Water storage tank automatic loading&Unloading.Used for pump safety and over flow protection.
  • 230VAC input supply
  • 2 level sensor input
  • Relay output (NO-C-NC) with current rating of 6A
  • Led indication for Dry Tank and Full Tank.
  • Available in both panel and Din Rail Mounting type.



Level Indicator

Model No:LI- 15

  • Application:Water/Chemical/Oil tank level indication
  • 230VAC operated.
  • To sense and Indicate the level of water/Chemical.
  • Door mount type with LED indication.






 8 Channel Opto Isolator.

Model NO: OPTO-14
  • Applications: PLC and CNC IO Isolation and Automation.
  •  Input signal 3.3V to 24VDC with Source/Sink select able.
  • Output  3.3V to 24VDC with Source/Sink select able.
  • Din rail mounting type.Size:90mm x 90mm.
Single Channel Opto Coupler
Two Channel Opto Coupler









4 Channel Temperature(PT100) to Current  Converter( 4-20mA)

Model NO: XTR-105 x 4
4 Channel Temp to Current Converter
  • Applications:It is used in packing machines,Chemical process,Food industries etc like  It is used in PLC interface for temperature to analog conversion.   
  • Input operating voltage:15 to 48VDC.
  • Input Temperature Sensor:RTD sensor.
  • Output:4-20mA
  • Din rail mounting type.Size:75mm x 91mm



Buck Boost Power supply Units

Model No:BBPSU-12V

Buck Boost Power Supply
  • Applications:Automobiles,Battery operated control units.
  • Input:9v to 24VDC.
  • Output: 5V to 30VDC,1Amp.
  • Din rail mount type.Size:50mm x 91mm
  • Custom built product.Mounting type optional.

45 Watt CFL & LED Inverter.

Model No:INV-14

  • Applications: 3CFL /LED lights source.Used in Lifts and in Home appliance.
  • Input:230VAC for Battery Charging.
  • Output:3 CFL/LED lights with 4 hours backup.(Internal battery:12VDC,7.2Ah).
  • Size:170mm(H)x270mm(L)x115mm(W).







 LED Based

X-Ray Viewer

Model No:X-Ray-14

  • Application: Used in Hospitals,Labs to view the X-Ray films.
  • Input Voltage:100VAC to 240VAC.
  • Light source:72Watts.Adjustable intensity controller.
  • Size:560mm(H)x410mm(L)x50mm(W).
  • Wall mounting type.




LED based Latern

Model No :  LL15

  • Application: Used in Home applications
  • Input: 230VAC,50Hz for charging(Internal Battery 12VDC,7.2Ah)
  • Light Source: High intensity White LED’s,80WATTS output.
  • Backup upto 5 hours.
  • Dimension:350mm(H)x165mm(W)x105mm(L)











Led light Intensity Controller

  • Applications: Medical equipment’s like endoscopic instruments,Microscopes and Camera applications.
  • 1Watt – 100Watt Led Illumination Controllers.With Battery backup and without Battery backup.


Cable Harness and Junction Box assembly

  • Control box wiring and special connector and cable harness
  • Connectors like Allied connectors,Automobile connectors,SCSI connectors etc.